About Us

We are a group of indie games developers with years of experience. In fact, besides video games some of us we did our own game engines and video games editors. We have done a lot of types of tools for focus in doing video games in a more easy way.

We know that do video games is hard. A lot of people waste a lot of time in tasks that it seems little things, but you know that a lot of little things makes a great video game! You can think in finish the development of your video game in 2 month, but actually it will finish in 2 years!

We give you the best assets for your best games is our core. We do all types of little things that will your game a great game. With our assets you will make game the development of your videogame finish soon and with a 5 star quality.

You can download our assets in our Unity Store page or you could ask us an personalized assets to superbrutalassets[at]gmail[dot]com (you could use our contact form too).